Bihar Top 50 General Knowledge Question MCQ

1. The Mahatma Gandhi Setu Was Inaugurated in?
A. 1982
B. 1985
C. 1986
D. 1988

2. Who was the first vice chancellor of Patna University? 
A. S. Sultan Ahmed 
B. V.H Jackson 
C. J.G. Jennings 
D. Stewart Macpherson

3. Who is the first finance minister of Bihar? 
A. Dr. Anugrah Narayan Sinha 
B. Dr. Anup Sinha 
C. Abdul Bari Siddiqui 
D. Nitish Kumar 

4. Bihar economic survey 2018-19 was? 
a. 11th 
b. 12th 
c. 13th 
d. 14th 

5. Bihar’s GDP growth rate in 2018-19? 
a. 10.3% 
b. 11.3% 
c. 12.3% 
d. 13.3%

6. How much is Bihar’s net GDP as per recent report?
a. 5.2 Lakh Crore
b. 5.4 Lakh Crore
c. 5.8 Lakh Crore
d. 6.2 Lakh Crore

7. Which sector has maximum share in Bihar’s GDP as per recent report?
a. Agriculture
b. Mining
c. Services
d. Production

8. How many new medical colleges proposed in Bihar?
a. 11
b. 12
c. 13
d. 14

9. Ghogha lake is located in which district of Bihar?
 a. Gaya
 b. Patna
 c. Katihar
 d. Araria

10. Average rainfall in Bihar ?
a. 1013mm
b. 1012mm
c. 1031mm
d. 1032mm

11. How many districts of Bihar have air quality test centers?
 a. 4
 b. 5
 c. 6
 d. 7

12. Government prohibited bathing in which river of Bihar because of presence of hazardous chemical in water?
a. Ganga
b. Punpun
c. Son
d. Gandak

13. How many districts of Bihar have border with Nepal?
 a. 6
 b. 7
 c. 5
 d. 8

14. When did was Jayaprakash Narayan died?
 a. 1979
 b. 1978
 c. 1977
 d. 1988

15. What is new name of Motihari railway station?
 a. Bapudham station
 b. Jay Prakash station
 c. Karpori thakur station
 d. Krishna singh railway station

16. Which building got state of art award in Bihar?
 a. Bihar police headquarter
 b. Patna railway station
 c. Patna airport
 d. Biscoman Building

17. How many districts of Bihar bordered with UP?
 a. 7
 b. 9
 c. 5
 d. 6

18. In which city President Ramnath Kovind addressed a gathering at Vishwa Shanti Stupa?
 (a) Patna
 (b) Rajgir
 (c) Rajkot
 (d) Delhi

19. Patna high court established in year?
a. 1906
b. 1916
c. 1926
d. 1936

20. Which is smallest district of Bihar ( Area Wise )?
 a. Jehanbad
 b. Luckisarai
 c. Seohar
 d. Kishangunj

21. Dalmianagar in Bihar is famous for production?
a. Fertilizer
b. Cement
c. Cloth
d. Power plant

22. Jute Industry is located in which district?
a. Gaya
b. Patna
c. Katihar
d. Darbhanga

23. Guru Gobind Singh established Khalsa Pant in which year?
a. 1698
b. 1699
c. 1700
d. 1701

24. Dutch established factory at Patna in which year?
a. 1638
b. 1639
c. 1640
d. 1641

25. Who started Wahabi Andolan in Patna?
a. Ali Brothers
b. Akhtar Brothers
c. Khan Brothers
d. Maulana Mazhrul Haque